Online Pokie Tips

Online Pokie Tips

You can’t miss playing pokies online if you are a professional gambler or someone who only starts the exciting journey of gambling. Why pokies? Why online?

Online slots are taking the world over. Search on Google to see how many people have already earned money by playing this way. Some of them have won even millions of dollars. Of course, you have to be a professional player or just a very lucky person to achieve those results. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Poker machines are the best choice even for those who have no experience in playing casino games at all.

It is difficult to be a long term winner with slots, but you can always get a regular reward if you are aware of where to play and how to play. What is the secret to this? Let’s have a look.

How to Play Pokies Online

So, you’ve decided to be a player on the Internet. Where to start and what to do? Should you pick the first casino website you find online and jump into a game instantly? Or is there any guide on how to pick the right casino and the right game to boost your chances to hit a jackpot?

Playing pokies is not as simple as it seems to be. Of course, if you hope to win. Like any other casino game, this one requires knowledge and strategy too.

  • First of all, pick the casino. Do not pick just any casino. You need a legal one with a good reputation and feedback. There are so many fake casino websites that it is probably easier to pick the wrong place to play at than to win a jackpot. So, be careful when looking for a casino. Check if it is the trusted one.
  • Take time and find slots with a higher return to player rate. The higher the rate is, the more you’ll get back.
  • Do not focus on one slot game for a long period of time. Try different pokies to boost chances to win, especially if you play for hours without winning even a cent.
  • Betting higher is not always better with online pokies. Smaller bets are better even though they make you play for longer.
  • Pay attention to promotions/bonuses. Many websites have regular extra offers for pokies particularly. They use them to attract more players. So, before starting the game, learn the website well. Are there any promotions available?
  • Do not overplay. This type of machines particularly is one of those Internet games that can be easily overplayed. Keep it in moderation. Slots are both one of the quickest ways to get as well as to lose money.

That’s only a few basic tips on pokies. You can get additional info on the topic or just learn the game in practice. But if you are a beginner, make sure to start with a free game first.


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